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I build custom stringed instruments, one at a time, to suit the needs of individual discerning musicians. Usually my customers have owned and played an instrument for a number of years, becoming increasingly aware of the way it limits their playing. As they seek a higher quality instrument, they realize that quality means meeting their individual expectations. Ultimately they conclude that even the best instrument on the music store wall was built, not to meet their own needs, but to suit a hypothetical target customer, as well as to satisfy marketing executives, attorneys, and corporate accountants. They come to me for a different approach.

A custom instrument means more than special inlays! It means more than adding a cutaway. Custom design begins with the customer-you! Do you have small hands? Large hands? Are you left-handed? Do you play with picks or fingers? What style of music do you play? Do you play mostly single note runs up the neck, or first position chords? Do you want an instrument for recording, small sessions, solo playing, vocal accompaniment, or concert playing? Do you play mostly seated, or standing? Will you use amplification? What kind? What do you like about your current instrument? What would you change? Your answers to questions like these help me form the basis for a custom-designed instrument that will look, play, and sound the way you want. Let's build you the instrument you've been dreaming of for years-one you can play and enjoy for a lifetime.


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