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Octave Mandolins

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Commonly tuned GDAE in unison double courses, a full octave below the standard mandolin or violin, the octave mandolin possesses a pitch range comparable to a tenor banjo.  Itís often employed in Celtic music, where it offers expressive capabilities not found in any other instrument.  Iíve designed my octave mandolins for a melodic role, able to handle rapid single note passages yet capable of tender lyrical expression. Toward this end, youíll find a shorter scale length than the typical Irish Bouzouki, lighter construction than most mandolins, a narrow neck, a large body with a formed arched top and back, a floating bridge with a significant negative neck set angle, and a fairly large sound hole. 

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This Octave Mandolin features a European spruce top, and cocobolo back and sides with unusually straight grain.  The tailpiece is a composite construction of German silver and ebony.  Mother-of-pearl inlays recalling motifs from the early 1900's appear on the ebony fingerboard.